Go and tell them

par Hervé Dalle Nogare  -  30 Mai 2017, 11:19

Try to say that
To the dead of yesterday
That they die
As snow
On the eyelids

Try to say this
To the dead of today
That they die
Like black chalk
On the sidewalk

Try to say this
To you even passing
That your next death
Will be
As moving sand
In your vain hand

Try to say this
To the silences of the parties
Sister, brother, friend
Father, mother, grandparents
To the fighters, the resistance fighters
To convicted militants
At the fallen of the attacks
To the innocent victims
Torn children

Go and say this
To your many dead
That none of them
Is in the extinguisher
That they are glorious
In our memories,

What their mirror name resonates
When the galaxies turn
In the evening fire

Not a single night
Of Earth intertwined with stars in rain
Not revealed without them being here

Go and tell them
That no god
Watch over them
Let only our thoughts rise in prayer
What we will bring
To the angels and the spirits
Peace of the Soul
The solar rest
Their presence in our stories

Go and tell them
That they will have no more trouble
A wandering in the queen shadow
That we will love them
Well beyond
Songs Learned
The flame, love, remembrance
Human generations
For thousands of years
So that on Healthy Earth
One day
Here, here
Either the man in harmony
With life,
Nature, her brothers,
Time and the universe  
HDN May 2017
Go and tell them
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