Under Moon,Be Who we want to be

par hervé Dalle Nogare  -  17 Mai 2018, 06:54

From the rock of the sky
Falls The ultramarine blue
A few words
Water lights

The wind knows them
He who grabs us
Air the heart the ground
Where gel and salt glow

Passing on our vain drunkenness
He leaves us alone
Forgetting or sublimating
Justice, freedom, tenderness
To die of not being able to be
Barely approaching their letters
Or live daring their full summer
Soul and open windows?

  Maybe defeated but ennobled
Yes get up again and again
In each today
Full of aurora trees


For be under moon

Who we want to be

HDN May 2018

To Camilia  Girly, Young and Pride 


Under Moon,Be Who we want to be
Under Moon,Be Who we want to be
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