American Death Viral Way of Life

par HDN Dalle  -  27 Mars 2020, 15:58  -  #textes, #photo, #musique

American Death Viral Way of Life



White man, don’t go So far


I belong To All of Us


Not to Money Cash and Paradise taxe Island


You eat trees and Animals  seas and oceans


Forrests are in great danger


Because your big cities ground are too extended 


Strange viral  diseases are coming  out  now





Soon Sky  be so cloudy or so  ultra sunny


Cold or heat like waves for all of Us


Wind'll  become storm…





Please Change your American Death Way of life !


Be friendly with life and your brothers and sisters


Think about the children of yours child




Not enought Time  now




Love over all


sky is sad to see your American Death way of  life


I"m  your only Paradise


I m your lonely Earth  


In this Cold  Space 




HDN Mars 20 



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