To Charles Aznavour

par HDN Dalle  -  1 Octobre 2018, 16:29

To Charles Aznavour

To Charles Aznavour

On the other side of this first October
On the sweet terrace
The shadow did not stay in my eyes

The delicious ocean
Walked there cohorts
Grapefruit bird

As for the sun in its basket
He was holding me out of bed
Fruits by his hands picked

At the announcement of the death of Aznavour
The shadow did not stay in my eyes
Just past she ran away

Because his song, this year again
This air will take me there
At the end of the earth

Under the sun king
Sailors in love
And gold diggers

Where there are no withered leaves
Where the bodies are languishing
Where misery evaporates 


HDN october 18



To Charles Aznavour
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