The Kiss

par hervé Dalle Nogare  -  25 Mai 2018, 19:42

The kiss

There is everything in a kiss. Everything is said everything is there. The first moment, the immediate renewal of the first moment. The completion of the last moment.

There is the Other and this We knotted under the clouds, the bodies anchored with arms, in the unarmed city. There is one, then nothing and no one else. There is only the other to whom only the whole soul opens., Delivering flow of its ocean where mud and stellar clusters mingle

There is the breath and the consciousness of the end. The union the separation. His solitudes and sleepless nights. The loneliness that all lovers know and the indifference of the world. Time and over time. Time slowed down zebra time
There is the tearing attachment. The winter of the forests, the paradise of the islands, the hail of the street. Again, hold me back. Again, extend me. Come back, come back quickly to me. I'm already waiting for you
There is the farewell photographed in his flesh
The kiss is the declaration without words of lips without letters, irrigated with all one's being, revealing oneself in its total nakedness to the other to whom one gives the key of one's precarious life,
Of all its existence, the unfinished

HDN May 2018

The Kiss
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